A Guide to Multi-Zone Ductless Installation

Here are some quick tips to help you pick and install a multi-zone ductless heating and cooling system for your home.

Pick Your Unit

Be sure you know exactly what system you want. A multi-zone ductless heating and cooling system provides multiple unit heating/cooling, so you can get custom temperatures for different rooms. With these systems, you can connect up to nine different units.

A single zone mini split heat pump offers superb performance for a single space and are ideal for single-room additions for those areas that are difficult to cool.

If you’re unsure about which would be best for your needs, our HVAC team is always happy to answer all of your questions. Now that you have your system picked out, here are some installation tips. Please remember, we always recommend getting your multi-zone or single zone ductless system professionally installed.

Things to Remember When Installing A Multi-Zone Ductless Heating & Cooling System

  • Fan Coils

Be sure you know the minimum number of fan coils you will need in order for your system to function at its optimal capacity. Generally, most brands will need a minimum of two coils for a multi-zone ductless system to operate. Having the minimum is a must, regardless of future system expansion plans.

For fan coils, always check that you are following the required clearance and that there are no obstructions since improper are flow due to obstructions can cause potential system issues.

  • Piping

You must know the limits of your system’s piping length (both maximum and minimum lengths). You can use the piping size of the fan coil to determine the line sizes. Included in your multi-zone condensing unit (CU) will be flare adapters that can be applied when adjusting the line sizes of the fan coil.

  • Drilling

When you begin drilling your three-inch holes, be sure that your holes are drilled in a downward position. The reason for this is because when drilled straight, it can cause improper drainage. Be sure there is no twisting with your hose either, as this can also cause drainage issues with your system.

  • Wiring

Multi-zone ductless system wiring can be confusing due to multiple wires and pipes all leading back to a single outside unit. Always carefully label each one, to avoid pipes and wires being mixed. Before starting your system, it is vital to trace back your work and ensure everything is connected to the proper power wire.

Get Single & Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling Systems

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Ductless Systems and Your Home

Ductless systems, also known as ductless heat pumps or ductless mini-splits, are highly efficient, easy-to-install heating and cooling systems for homes with electric resistance heat. They’re safe, long-lasting, easy to operate and quiet – heating your home evenly for a fraction of the cost of baseboard heating, wall/ceiling heating, or electric furnaces while providing air conditioning in warm summer months.

Zonal electric heat — such as baseboard, in-wall and radiant ceiling heat — can heat your home efficiently. Because you can heat each zone or room of your home to the temperature you want, you can be comfortable and save energy by not heating unoccupied areas. Use these tips for more savings.

Daikin’s Multi-Split Systems are ideal for multi-room applications desiring individual room comfort in a space-saving design. With the ability to connect two, three or four indoor units to a single outdoor unit, over 1,000 combinations are possible with the choice of wall mount units, slim duct units, ceiling cassette units or a combination. Systems offer energy efficiency levels up to 20.2 SEER and up to 12.5 HSPF for enhanced home comfort and energy savings. Suitable for both new build and renovation projects, Daikin Multi-Split systems are the smart, reliable solution for your home.

Have your ductless system serviced by a trained technician. Purchasing a maintenance package from Pacific Ductless can extend the life of your system and optimize its efficiency. Replace your air filters according to the recommendations in your owner’s manual. For more information, contact Pacific Ductless for consultation.